Walters’ Siddha Research Private Limited is a registered Private Limited company offering services in the AYUSH & Med - Tech innovations.  Our AYUSH sector services include our Speciality Clinics, Medical Stores, Book & Journal Publications, Training programmes etc.  Our Innovation sector involves newer Med-Tech innovations. Our special focus also lies in popularizing AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy) and further more to provide authenticated information about all AYUSH aspects. Our Research Unit is also providing Clinical care through its Clinics at Rural areas, creating awareness regarding AYUSH by online classes & publications, conducting many medical camps and herbal exhibits. It also provides both theoretical and technical expertise for herbal pharmaceuticals and individuals interested in more natural ways of living. 


Our main focus also include Med-Tech innovations.  So far our following innovations have been recognized by National and International scientific bodies.


·         ‘Herbal Medicine for Oral Cancer’, which was listed among the top 50 innovations of IIGP 2014. 

·         ‘Herbal Trans-Dermal Adhesive Plaster for Fever’, which was selected by CAMTech India and also top listed by Cii3 and was presented at IIT,               Delhi during December 2015.

·         ‘Herbal  Adhesive Plaster for Diabetic wounds’, which was selected by Healiate 2016 - a Narayana Health & Axilor initiative, during Feb. 2016


Walters’ Siddha Research Private Limited is publishing an Online Journal for Siddha, "SiddhaPapers (ISSN 0974-2522)" https://www.siddhapapers.com/  More than 150 research and review papers have been published in National, International Peer Reviewed, Indexed Journals by our Walters' Siddha Research Team. 


Journal Website:    www.siddhapapers.com/


     Our ongoing Projects include:


  •           A Novel drug to alleviate the Post radiation-Syndrome
  •           Isolation of Natural Retinols from Poly coded Formulation.

  •           Non-invasive Herbal formulation, 'KKPN' for Cancer Cervix





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World Siddha Day Special Issue                                                                                                                          April 14, 2017.




Literary Reviews:

1.     ‘An insight into the Siddha aspects of Karupai Kazhunthu Puttru Noi (Cervical Cancer)’
C. Samuel Justin Raj, K. Swathi, G. Sabari Devi, G. Sanjana, V. S. Nandini, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter.

2.     ‘Latex – Siddha Perspective’
V. Murugan, S. Sulfin Nihar, Thomas M. Walter, M. Allimuthu.

3.     ‘A Review Article on Herb Phyla Nodiflora (Poduthalai) with special reference to AYUSH Pediatric Therapeutics’.
J. Melba Jesinth, K. Rajamanjari, D. K. Soundararajan.

4.     Psychiatry in Siddha System of Medicine - A Review
S. Kumar, K. Monisha, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka, M. Karthikeyan.


Basic Research:

5.     Scientific Assessment of Mallimathura Decoction
R. Mary Suja


Original Research:

6.     ‘Potentiality of Pidangunaari Kudineer  (Polyherbal decoction), for Palmitic acid induced Hepatic Steatosis in the Chang Liver Cells’
S. Gowtham Kumar, Y.R. Manekshah, S. Merish, Thomas M. Walter.

7.     ‘Anti-oxidant Potential, Anti-Bacterial activity and Phytochemical analysis of Ipomoea pes caprae’
G. Femil Samuel, R. S. Shibinroosvelt.


Clinical Papers:

8.     ‘Validation of Varmam Therapy on Azhal Keel Vayu (Osteoarthiritis) - Case Series’
K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.


Field Papers:

9.     ‘Traditional Healthy Porridge Panchaamutti Conjee for Growing Children in AYUSH Siddha Medicine of Paediatrics’.
D.S.Vaniswari, J.Mohanapriya , K.Shyamala.

10.   ‘Antidotes for Thelkadi (Scorpion Sting) according to Siddha System of Medicine – Review’
Marimanimala. N, Thiruthani, Rajarajeswari. A, Chenthamarai Selvi.


Scientific Siddha:

11.    ‘A comparative study of Pinda Urpaththi with Modern Embryology’
K. Rajamanjari, J. Melba Jesinth, D. K. Soundararajan.

12.    ‘Effectiveness of Pattru in Siddha System of Medicine - a Review’
G. Pratheep, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.



13.   ‘Seizures in Siddha System of Medicine - a Review’
N. Sowmya, G. Naveena, K. Elavarasan, M. Menaka.

14.   Management of Eraippu Noi (Bronchial Asthma) in Siddha Medicine - a Systematic Review.
F. Mohamad Ashif, S. Sangeetha, R. Preethi, K. Elavarasan, R. Geetha.

Siddha Medicine

Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. The term Siddha means achievements and Siddhars were saintly persons who achieved results in medicine.


Research Activities

The role of Salamisri (Orchis mascula) in geriatric care Allimuthu, M. and Thomas M, Walter (2008) The role of Salamisri (Orchis mascula) in geriatric care. Siddha Papers...


Our Mission

This Research group is providing Clinical care through its Clinic at Rural areas, creating awareness regarding CAM by online classes & publications, conducting many medical camps and herbal exhibits.


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